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The future of food and its systems relies on our ability to rethink how the processes of farming and related activities sync with our natural environment, climate and cutting-edge technology.

At ProSect Feed, we harness insect technology, IoT and organic waste streams to produce a low-cost but high-quality insect-based protein concentrate or feed for poultry, fish and pig farmers, saving them up to 30% in feed cost. This solution, apart from reducing feed costs also enables local farmers to cash in on a $300 million+ industry, generating employment opportunities within the animal and crop farming systems, reducing waste which contributes to greenhouse emissions and improving upon the food security in Ghana in line with United Nations’ Sustainable development goals 1(No Poverty) and goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and goal 13

Another reason for ProSect Feed’s existence is the huge problem of waste in Ghana. According to research about 12,710 tons of waste is generated per day of which 61% is organic. More alarming was the fact that only 10 % was properly collected and disposed of at designated points, with the rest ending at unauthorized places, which inevitably leads to higher emissions.


Our mission is to develop and produce low-cost but high-quality animal feed products, and organic fertilizers and climate-smart practices which helps produce food in an environmentally responsible manner.


To provide complimentary services geared toward the optimization of animal nutrition in poultry, pig, fish and crop farming.

The 4 Pillars Binding Us


From the suppliers of our raw materials and staff to the farmers who use our products, people play a pivotal role in our operations, thus, enabling us to succeed at what we do daily. This accounts for the reason why we empower our farmers and suppliers through capacity building programs and access to market linkages.


Data is very key to our production process. Temperature levels, feeding ratios and other related environmental factors are most critical to the amount of larvae eggs laid, frequency of mating and mortality levels of the flies and thus, we leverage Internet of Things(IoT) and proprietary sensor technology to capture, determine and control temperature and humidity levels in our fly cages where the black soldier flies(BSF) are bred so they can lay eggs, in our treatment containers where the BSF larvae are raised to process them into larvae meal and in our solar dryers to determine optimum drying levels for the harvested larvae.


Our products and services undergo a constant evolution, driven by a continual quest to extend the frontiers of our knowledge and data obtained. Through relevant collaborations with industry players and institutions, we are able to improve upon and perfect processes while exploring related avenues for lateral and vertical growth with the animal feed industry.


The environment we live in has undergone drastic change over the years; negatively impacting food systems globally and placing our very existence in a precarious position. With our climate-smart interventions hinged on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG) 1, 2, and 13, we harness the circular economy model to valorize waste which leads to a reduction in carbon emissions generated by farmers and food manufacturing industries.

Our impact is measured using three key criteria

  • Number of farmers served-We aim to impact not less than 1000 farmers in our first year of full commercial operation and in the next 5 years through larvae meal, concentrate or feed supply. Another is the number of vegetable and crop farmers who would have used our organic fertilizer on their farms.
  • Quantity of waste valorized- It is our aim to valorize not less than 30,000 metric tonnes of organic waste from sourced from farms, hotels, restaurant chains and food manufacturing companies within 8 years of commercial operations, which will significantly reduce Ghana’s food production and agricultural carbon footprint in an era of climate change.
  • Number of women empowered- Africa has a sizable number of women playing crucial roles within the agricultural value chain but they are still poor and marginalized. Our waste sourcing strategy is founded on WASTE 4 CASH outgrower waste sourcing system which focuses on women led farms, with the aim to enable each farmer who is participant earn not less than $100 per month as extra income. Currently, we have onboarded 20 farmers with the aim to impact not less than 600 farmers by the 5th year of operation at a commercial scale through waste valorization. Another way of empowering women is through constant and systematic empowerment of women through capacity building in the area of their respective farm operations, and also through an intentional focus on hiring and grooming females for leadership positions within ProSect Feed. It is our target to create a 50-50 gender parity ratio at all levels of ProSect Feed within the next 5 years.


The Four Founders

Nana Yaw Antwi-Boasiako

Logistics Lead

 He holds a B.Sc. in Civil engineering and
currently doubles as a career civil engineering. He has knowledge in structural and
hydraulic design. A member of the Ghana Institute of Engineering and member of
the Young African Leadership Initiative. He oversees and implements the
logistics and financial framework at ProSect feed.

Emmanuel Adjei-Boadi

Production Lead

He handles production processes at ProSect Feed and holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He has experience within the agricultural ecosystem through his engagement with Farmer Based Organizations (FBO) under the auspices of Newmont Corporation’s corporate social responsibility program. 

Kwabena Tufuor

Marketing & Communications Lead/Team Lead

He holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and marketing and has a seven-year experience in this field spanning real estate, B2B marketing, lubricant sales, and financial services and until recently, the agricultural sector. He also owns and runs a facilities management business in Accra.  Kwabena curates and implements the communication and marketing strategy at ProSect Feed.

Selasie Pecker

Tech,R&D Lead

He is the Technology Lead for ProSect Feed and his role enables him to assess and oversee the technological needs, deployment of relevant gadgets at our own production sites. He also tests the feasibility of integrating automation and mechanized systems into our operations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

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